Milan Wielinga

Managing Partner

Milan has over 25 years of managerial experience in international banking and business. Milan keeps the energy levels high. He is creative, entrepreneurial, optimistic, reliable and loves to work in partnership. His vast experience enables him to execute and close projects successfully whilst keeping the best interests of his client in mind. He is a fast thinker and an experienced negotiator and can quickly provide a crystal-clear analysis of a complex problem, along with a proposed path forward. Over the years he has:

  • Demonstrated strong expertise in general management in various leadership roles and built an excellent track record in strategy execution, change management, mergers & acquisitions and partnerships;
  • Successfully managed and closed more than 50 transactions with an enterprise value from €5 million to €5 billion;
  • Built a strong track record in growth strategies and business expansion by developing and introducing new (digital) products and business models.

Milan bikes and enjoys having a barbecue at his beach house in the Dutch dunes.

+31 651 342 438

Koen Gulen

Managing Partner

Koen has over 15 years of experience in international business and finance with a focus on the tech and media space. Prior to joining Park 56, Koen was a member of the executive team at Springer Nature, a leading international professional media company with €1.5bn+ revenue and 9,000+ staff, where he was responsible for financial planning and analysis across the group. In this role, in addition to gaining a wealth of knowledge on the economics of tech and media businesses, Koen managed various private equity exits, prepared a large transformative merger and was involved in many M&A deals. After Springer Nature, Koen worked as Director of M&A and Post-Merger Integration at Brill, a publicly listed science publisher.

Koen is a highly analytical quick thinker who combines creative strategic thinking with rock-solid financial acumen. Koen has a keen eye for detail and enjoys cutting through financial complexity. In M&A processes, armed with his industry experience and deal expertise, Koen quickly zooms in on the key strategic and financial aspects of the business and remains focused from start to finish to ensure the best result is achieved for the client.

Koen enjoys skiing, running and a nice dinner with friends and family.

+31 610 940 466

Martijn Roelandse, PhD


Martijn has over 20 years of scholarly publishing and bio-medical research experience. He did his PhD in Basel, Switzerland. Martijn is driven by a huge curiosity for technology and is an expert in building bridges between start-ups and corporates and is the driving force behind the partnership between The Next Web and Park 56. Martijn articulates well and energises development teams into well-oiled machines who work on the client’s product vision and frequently suggests new and valuable features himself. Over the years Martijn has:

  • Led large partnership scouting and innovation programs for international media companies
  • Coached multiple start-ups including SciScore and Rockstart’s Digital Health Incubator

After working hours, Martijn is a keen amateur chef and enjoys a glass of good whisky.

+31 647 947 744